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  1. Hi Geoff,

    Would be delighted to have a lawn sign once again if you are using them. Address is 122 Simcoe Street and if need to contact I can be reached at 250.383.0068 Best wishes …


  2. You once championed Victoria getting rid of 1/3 of crosswalks in the city and stated you thought crosswalks were dangerous because most accidents between cars and pedestrians occurred there. Do you still hold to this position and what concrete steps would you take to improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in Victoria?

  3. Hi Geoff,

    Thank you for speaking up, against majority, in yesterdays council meeting on micro-housing for homeless. As an outsider looking in it seems like there are a few council members who will agree with any extreme idea our current mayor has. As an engaged Victoria resident with a vested interest in my city, property value and taxes I fully regret my decision for voting for our current mayor, but was pleased today in my decision for voting for you.

    My husband is a member of VicPD who has worked extensively with the homeless population in Victoria, the full spectrum of it. His knowledge paired with my experiences volunteering at Our Place make us strongly disagree with the notion that mico-housing is the solution. In addition, we believe that this “villiage” would be detrimental to any neighborhood to was forced into.

    Thank you again.

    Erin Moore

  4. Reading the T.c. this morning i do not understand how the Mayor in her zeal to be a do gooder thinks borrowing $50 Million for housing the homeless is going to solve the problem. Has any thought been given to the cost of maintaining these abodes? or as always will it get dumped on the taxpayer? Is the proposed levy going to be in Victoria alone or regionwide. Is she proposing to build a wall so that when we get”our” homeless housed the rest of Canada wont promptly move over here as the word goes out of the warm climate and “goodies” available here.I feel your ideas are much more in keeping with helping to mitigate the homeless problem. I have a residence in Saanich but I am a US resident not by choice but necessity. I do not eligible for the Homeowners grant which I find rather bizarre as I am not using very much of the services. I wold be very much against paying an extra levy for something I think is unworkable and i am disgusted this was sneaked by Councillor Charlayne Thornton Joe. Thankyou for your time. Judy Tosh

  5. Hello Geoff,
    Victoria desperately needs a new leader …is there any chance you would consider running for mayor. I would be interested in supporting you.
    Ken Cosgrove
    James Bay

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