Geoff has served in many roles:

  • Chair, City Finance Committee
  • Chair, Capital Regional District
  • Chair, Greater Victoria Library Board
  • City representative to Communities for Commuter Rail Committee
  • Chair, Greater Victoria Water Board
  • CRD Travel Choices Select Committee
  • CRD Environment Committee

During his time on council and at the CRD Geoff has worked to achieve…

  • Increased park and protected land throughout the CRD
  • Recreational bicycle routes such as the Galloping Goose and the new E&N rail trail
  • Increased recycling

Geoff has been a voice in favour of…

  • Greater openness at city council meetings
  • Increased co-operation in regional planning
  • A more cost-effective approach to city services and infrastructure projects
  • Zoning to protect traditional residential neighbourhoods

Geoff has worked with other levels of  government to…

  • Secure funding to provide affordable sewage treatment for the core area
  • Develop more effective transit and a regional transportation authority